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Hiiiiii friends!

I am always searching for something filling, healthy, yummy, cheap, and quick. This meal falls into all of those categories! I also struggle with my immense love for cheese and being lactose intolerant. You gotta work around the dairy. Since feta is goat cheese, my stomach is happy! You can add whatever your favorite sides are and whatever spices and garnishes you fancy to this yummy entree.

Now, I am more of an “eyeball it and taste it until its perfect” kinda gal when it comes to recipes. SO I will try to estimate the amount of spice I added to these burgers.



I threw all of the meat into a big mixing bowl and added 2 teaspoons of oregano leaves, and a generous amount of salt and pepper. I mixed it up with my hands and rolled the meat into balls and then flattened them out.


I took the feta and filled my palm with the right amount and then laid it into the center of the flattened patties. After that I took some of the remaining meat and made a covering to go over the feta. The reason I did not mix the feta into the meat and just grill the patties up that way is because the cheese would begin to melt faster than the meat could cook and that would cause issues. I took my patties out to the grill and cooked them for about 7 minutes on both sides


After the meat was done, I toasted some ciabatta buns, added some greens and then a pinch of feta on top of these delicious patties! If you’re gluten free, as many are, you can eliminate the ciabatta bun and place the patties on a bed of a lettuce.

I love mustard so I added a little mustard to this meal but any delicious dressing or condiment could be a great addition to this entree.


I hope you guys enjoy this yummy meal and the diversion from style posts on Forge A Frenzy! <3

‘Till next time, xx


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