La Jolla + The Cave Store

Hi frenzies!

Last weekend, some friends and I ventured down to San Diego to explore and meet up with some friends who were Airbnb-ing a beach house. The people part definitely didn’t go as planned (real life people really DO do cocaine), but the exploring part was even better than we anticipated.

On our way back the morning after an awesome turned horrible night, we stopped in La Jolla because one of my friends that I was with, Kayla, she rocks, mentioned that she had heard about a store that you could enter and it was like a little gift shop and then you pay $5 to walk down stairs and into a cave! I loooooove caves and secret staircases and hidden gems so this was like music to my ears. We put it in the GPS and headed to La Jolla from Pacific Beach.


Once we were down the slippery, steep stairs, it was absolutely breattthhhhtaking. The waves were crashing everywhere and it was dark and gloomy and it was a little bit like a movie. It was definitely worth the $5 (;

After we finished in the cave, we emerged from the stairs and exited the store onto the narrow street. We walked around and found beautiful cliffs and water right around the corner.

We walked around, took more photos, and took in all of the beauty that is La Jolla! After we walked around we were in desperate need of coffee and bagels. We walked around the beach front shops and decided on a cute shop with windows that looked out on the water.

We loved La Jolla and would absolutely go back to explore more of the town and take many more photos!!

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to expand my photography, learn more about editing, and merge that into Forge A Frenzy and the services that I offer. I am beginning to offer shoots for people in the LA + OC area. If you or anyone you know is interested, head to the contact page and we can set up a time.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful new year!

‘Till next time, xx Madison

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