Beauty Roundup: 9 Beauty Must Haves

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I love being productive and I really really love starting a new week refreshed from a full yet relaxing weekend. That includes blogging away the day about my favorite beauty finds!

Mini side note: I have recently joined ClassPass. If you haven’t heard about ClassPass, here’s a recap: ClassPass is a nation-wide company that allows you to take a wide array of workout classes, from dozens of different studios, and places the classes and reservations all in one place! They have locations in all major cities and even some smaller ones as well. You sign up, choose your location, and then begin browsing all of the available classes and their times that work best for you. There are 3 different types of memberships with varying prices that allow a certain amount of classes per month and a certain amount of visits to an individual studio per month. I chose the largest membership deal because I need to get hella toned for this SoCal summer that is quickly approaching. The largest option is $115 a month for 10 classes! With up to 3 available visits per studio. I’m obsessed. I’ve been doing barre and pilates like its my JOB since I started. It’s also an excuse to get a cute new gym bag (;

ANYWAYS. On to my current beauty faves.

I am a product junkie. I mean really, I have an entire dresser drawer filled with makeup that isn’t even the makeup I use on a day-to-day basis. I have 3 levels of shelves in my shower with all different kinds of products. I LOVE trying out new items and seeing if they work for me, or if they don’t. That being said, sometimes I settle on certain products because I am comfortable with them and am scared to step out of the box.

I have many, many, many favorites but I have recently expanded and tried a bunch of a different products, a few of which have become staples that I wanted to share with you all so you can add them to your beauty regimen.

1Le Volume De Chanel Mascara – $32 at Nordstrom
I am so incredibly particular when it comes to mascara. When I ran out of my previous mascara, I found out that they had actually stopped making it all together. I was horrified. I tried THREE different kinds of drugstore mascara until I was like screw it, I’m going to Nordstrom. I have always had a love for Chanel products and had recently been given a sample package where I was able to try out a bunch of their different items and I had fallen in love with this mascara. It is thick and jet black and applies very nicely with just one coat. I get the non-waterproof because taking off waterproof mascara at night makes me feel like I might as well rip out all of my eyelashes and call it a day.

Another Chanel mascara that I love is their nourishing mascara that I have linked here. Gotta love keeping those lashes hydrated!

I also adore Chanel’s Correcteur Perfection Concealer . I just plop it on my problem areas and do my eye makeup or eyebrows while it bakes, and then rub it in a little bit. It has great long lasting coverage.

MASCARA TIP: Sometimes, if my eyelashes are all funky, I will use a cleaned off applicator from an old mascara tube and run it through my eyelashes to spread them out and make them look even and not like crazy spider legs.

2. Soap & Glory Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel – $8.99 at Target
If a product smells good, I am 95% more likely to buy it. I ran out of my Dove body wash a few weeks ago and wanted to try something new. This was the first body wash I picked up (I really wanted one with a pump) and unscrewed the lid to check it’s scent. I imagine that this is what heaven smells like. One of the most unbelievably amazing scents I have ever smelled. They are an organic based company and the ingredient that makes this wash smell so divine? Mandarin peels. It’s like walking through a sweet citrus garden. Next time you’re at Ulta or Target, walk over the to body wash isle and give it a smell. It will change your life.

3. Dove Dryspray – $4.69 at Target
Deodorant is an incredibly important product. And also super annoying. Either it’s wet and gel or it’s white and gets all over your clothes, even when you apply it after your shirt is already on. This Dove dryspray takes away both of those problems. You can spray it on before you get dressed and not have to worry about getting marks on your clothes or having that gross wet feeling. And this Caring Coconut scent makes you feel like you are on a tropical getaway. The only thing I will say is that it claims to last 48 hours but I have found that applying it in the morning will get me through the day, but it is definitely a necessity to freshen up at night if you are heading out.

4. Drybar’s Sake Bomb Nourishing Conditioner – $24 at Nordstrom
I have very thin hair, but lots of it. A few years ago I didn’t use conditioner at all because my hair would be so greasy and oily by the end of the day. I started changing my habits, washing my hair less, and tried to add conditioner back into the mix. I tried many different kinds, all drugstore brands, and most just made my hair feel weighed down and gross. But I knew I needed a conditioner because my hair was lacking shine and moisture. So over to Nordstrom I went. I love the Drybar shop and the products they use there, especially the dry shampoo, so I decided to try a trusted brand. I was not wrong! They had a more weightless option but I went for full moisture because my hair needed a little extra love. The smell is also a super huge selling point because on top of smelling great, the smell lasts a while throughout the day. I still switch up days when I use conditioner, and some days I only apply to the ends of my hair, but I will definitely be going back to repurchase this product when I am done with the current one.

My next Drybar purchases will probably be their Firm Hold Hairspray (UPDATE: Tried and absolutely adore this product!!! Such long lasting hold!!!) and Mudslide Nourishing Hair Mask because they have such quality product. I want to try it all!

5. NARS Light Optimizing Primer – $35 at Nordstrom
This product is not one that I use every single day, but it is definitely a huge part of a my makeup routine! When I am doing my makeup all out for an event or for a shoot or if I want it to last all day, I will apply this primer to my face. Normally I put my moisturizer on right out of the shower/right after I wash my face and then I apply this right before I am going to apply foundation. I let it sit for about 30 seconds – 1 minute before I begin applying. It gives a nice base for my foundation and helps my makeup not to melt off of my face in an hour. I love NARS products as well. I use their foundation and pressed powder for my face as well as their matte lipstick on a very regular basis.

6. MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover – $22 at Nordstrom
(The size pictured is the GWP size, not the 3.4 size that you can purchase)
Super basic product, but one of the best in the game. I have tried so many makeup removers: lotions, wipes, and liquids. While I do like wipes for when I am too lazy to do a full makeup removal (which is barely ever, I highly value a clean face), I feel like I am wasting wipes if I use them once, just for my eyes, and then throw them away. I have tried the Lush Makeup Remover lotion as well as the Ponds Cold Cream, and while they are effective, I hate the residue that they leave on my face. I want my makeup off and also the FEELING that my makeup is off. I’ve also tried the Clinque Eye Makeup Remover, which again is effective, but super oily. You have to shake the liquid for it to mix and then use, which I find always gets into my contacts or feels greasy around my eyes.

I have a tried and true facial cleanser – Neutrogena Fresh Foaming cleanser – that I swear by and that removes all of my facial makeup easily. But it’s my eyes that need some extra love, which is where this MAC makeup remover comes in. Since it is specifically eye makeup, it is perfect for the job. It has such a fresh feeling and removes all residue without having to use 20 q-tips. I just dip one side in and remove from one eye, then the other side for the other eye. Easy peasy. Highly recommend!

7. Yves Saint Laurent ‘Mon Paris’ Eau de Parfum – $122 at Nordstrom
Perfume may technically not be a “product” like the others listed here, but I just wanted to share with you all my current favorite scent that I am spraying whenever possible. It is light and airy but still sophisticated. The bottle design is also a plus!

Some of my other must have perfumes are Miss Dior, Chanel Chance, and Dolce&Gabbana ‘Floral Drops’ Eau de Toilette. I have each of these, including the YSL, sitting on a pretty little tray on my desk and they are definitely some of my favorites.

8. Too Faced Melted Matte in Queen B  $21 on
Alright y’all, want a lip color that people will stop you in the street to ask about? This one right here. Whenever I post a snapchat story or Instagram story with this shade on, AT LEAST 3 people DM me asking what color/brand I am wearing. People would ask me constantly while I worked at Nordstrom which shade was on my lips and tell me that they absolutely loved it.

I am a lip color FANATIC. I have lost count on how many lip colors I own. And most of them are shades of red or mauve. Matte, gloss, regular lipstick, you name it, I have it. That being said, picking out my favorite of the bunch is a super tough choice, but this one pulls ahead of the rest for me. It is lightweight, SUPER easy to apply, and lasts foreverrrrrrrr (excluding meals). It is the perfect matte and the perfect shade. Too Faced makes another great line called Melted Lipstick (as opposed to Melted Matte) that I also am a huge fan of. I have 4 different shades in it, and I love them all!

Some other of my fave lip colors/brands include: Urban Decay Vice in Pink-Nude, NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Amsterdam, and BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie in Sparkplug.

9. Diorskin Nude BB Creme Broad Spectrum SPF 10 – $45 at Nordstrom
Last but most CERTAINLY not least, this little treasure right here. Now, I have only been using this product for about a week, but I am very impressed with it! I was on the hunt for a BB or CC cream with a good amount of coverage AND redness reduction that I could throw on in the mornings for barre class or to run errands, without having to do a full face. So far I have found that I like to apply it with my hands and I need to use about a pump and a half. I will try using a sponge for applying and keep you guys updated (; And BONUS, it smells delightful.

I hope you all enjoyed this fun little beauty roundup <3 If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to comment below! I am always looking to try new products and see how they compare to the ones that I already use. I will have a new spring/summer beauty roundup coming your way soon!

‘Til next time,
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