White Desert Dream

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This week has been slow but somehow full of ups and downs. Sometimes I get in a creative rut and find myself in a place where I am searching for inspiration and drive! When that happens, I normally say a quick prayer and then dive into what I know lights me up; feeds my creativity. And this week, a brainchild was born that I cannot wait to see come to life and to share with you guys. It’s going to be exciting and also press the gas pedal on my goal of empowering people to be bold and feel inspired.

On to this vision of white that is this dress from Nordstrom! In the above photo I feel slightly like a bride or bridesmaid but ya know, I was going for dreamy-flower-desert-goddess and that’s what I got!


This post is a lot of photos and not too many pieces/products but sometimes it’s the simplest looks that are the dreamiest. I really wanted a flower crown for this desert look but purchasing a live flower crown can be pricey and I knew that I wasn’t going to use it for very long. So the night before we left for Palm Springs, Caroline and I went to Trader Joe’s and picked out beautiful flowers to place into my hair for a flower crown-esque look!

RANDOM TIDBIT: Not sure there is much worse than leaving your ENTIRE makeup bag full of everything you could possibly need to look/feel pretty (not that you need makeup to be beautiful but it sure is a nice bonus for photoshoots!!!!) but that is exactly what I did for this weekend. Thankfully Caroline is the kindest soul who lent me any makeup I needed, which allowed me to have at least something on my face, BUT all of my bobby pins were also left and so I had to use a hair tie to do this makeshift half-up/half-down hairdo to place flowers in. All thanks to Caroline, y’all.

You can purchase this beautiful white dress here from Nordstrom. I have also placed some other beautiful white dresses to carry you into Spring and Summer in the collection above!

Outfit Roundup
Dress | Nordstrom
Flowers | Trader Joe’s

There is so much to come as summer approaches like new bathing suits and my recap of trying the new fad that is sugaring. Updates will be given. I am working on continuing the dairy-free life (prayers are appreciated) and working out to keep up with all of these socal natives. CA is a dream but also kicks your butt into gear! Speaking of kicking my butt into gear, I will also be recapping our super fun workout class with Bounce Society last weekend!

‘Til next time,
Autumn in November

Photos by Caroline Basehart of Life With Lina.

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