Dreaming of Summer

Hello and welcome back to Forge A Frenzy!

It’s Wednesday people!! Half way through the week! I am currently sitting on my couch with my pup and a nice big mug full of coffee. A good morning if you ask me.

If there is one thing I learned from this shoot it’s that I need some sunshine in my life. Pale doesn’t work well in California.

I fortunately had a long weekend this weekend, and that means time for shoots! I have been going and going and going and I wanted a relaxing weekend with time to catch up on work and cleaning, which is exactly what I got. The weekend prior to this past one (that’s kinda confusing), was full of events including the MATE the Label sample sale where I picked up a tonnnn of new goodies and fell in love with their products and the quality of their pieces. They are SO soft and you can tell that they will hold up for a long time. This “Local Girls Do It Better” tank has to be one of my favorites. Lorelei and I love going out and meeting people and the first thing everyone asks here is, “Where are you from?” and we kept saying that we just need a shirt that said we lived there. One day Lorelei sent me a link to MATE’s sweatshirt with this same saying on it and I was like YESSSS we need these. So basically all credit goes to Lo for my new MATE obsession.

I was able to shoot this MATE tee and another MATE dress/tunic situation that I will be posting soon. I got some great shots of her and she of me. That’s the fun part of having super awesome, creative, and talented friends!!!!

This honestly has to be one of my favorite shoots. I am a major beach girl at heart and the weather was absolutely beautiful in Laguna Beach when we went to shoot these photos. Also taking along your bff to do your photos makes it super fun. We played music and laughed a ton and made countless boomerangs for Instagram and it was just a great day overall.

These are my favorite light wash denim shorts for the summer that I got at Urban Outfitters. I swiped up this mustard color cardi at Nordstrom Rack a little while ago so I have linked a similar version here in a different color that I REALLY want from Free People. My hat (obviously one of my faves) has a similar version linked here from Brixton.

Outfit Roundup
Top | MATE the Label
Shorts | Urban Outfitters 
Hat | Similar from Brixton
Cardigan |  Similar from Free People

Shop this look and similar in the collection below:

Easter is this weekend (and so is Coachella) and I will be spending a lot of time with my family and at my church, Rockharbor! There are Good Friday services and then Saturday services and then serving opportunities on Sunday morning. I very excited! Easter is such a special time to celebrate Jesus and all he has done for us. Have a great rest of your week beauties!

‘Til next time,
Autumn in November

Photos by Lorelei Ritzert. With a super awesome website coming soon.

22 thoughts on “Dreaming of Summer

  1. Very cute outfit. It sounds like you and your friend had a blast! I should take a friend with me next time I need to take photos! I usually go alone and set up my tripod. It would surely be more fun and much easier!

  2. Loving this outfit. Ill join the “need more sun” club haha! I also live in Cali and definitely need to hit up the beautiful beaches more often but I actually enjoy being pale.. I know I am a weirdo =P Keep on rocking the pale skin and writing these awesome post!

  3. What a great look and it seems like a comfy outfit too! That sweater will come in handy on cool summer nights! I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

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