A Beachy Tunic

Welcome back to Forge A Frenzy!!

I feel like it has been forever since I posted a new look but it was just last week. Things have been CRAZY over here! I have been working nonstop on projects, collaborations, and content! I am so excited for the next few months with Forge A Frenzy.

I’m super happy to share the newest exciting news with you guys! I have switched platforms for my shop content so that I can accept all major credit cards, have a customer support system, and an awesome inventory tracker. My new shoppable website is www.shopforgeafrenzy.com!!!! Yayyyyy!!!!

Currently, I have my favorite prints from some of my travels listed on the website. I will be adding collections, photos of how to style your prints, and tons of other products. I love combining the things that I love and creating products for my readers to love as well. I am seriously so so so excited about this.

But NOW for today’s super awesome, beachy, and fun look!

I purchased this tunic / t-shirt dress situation from the MATE the Label sample sale in LA. I loved the feeling of the fabric and I figured that I could knot the bottom and make it into a nice cute look for the beach. This exact tunic is sold out but I have linked a similar one in the Outfit Roundup at the bottom of the post and I have placed a similar top from MATE here.

Again, this is my go-to neutral stiff brimmed hat that I LOVE and that is no longer available in the same color but I have found a tonnnn of other hats that are similar and would look great with this style. I have linked them all in the collection below!

So I made this necklace myself, as well as this necklace from my previous post. I love making jewelry, it truly is super fun. However, it is very time consuming! I am working on getting some styles in place to hopefully add to my shop. Updates shall be given.

Outfit Roundup
Tunic | Similar from Current/Elliot
Hat | Similar from Hat Attack
Necklace | Made myself. More styles to come!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this fun, beachy look! You could wear this on a day date or just out with girlfriends. The knotted bottom is such a fun style right now.

As I said previously, I am working so hard on new content and partnerships! The emails really just never cease. Exciting and exhausting! But I wouldn’t change a thing.

For my day-to-day routines and adventures, follow along on Snapchat & Instagram – @MadisonCrowley! And don’t forget to take a look at my prints in my new shop!!! Add some adventure to your walls.

‘Til next time,
Autumn in November

Photos by Lorelei Ritzert.

7 thoughts on “A Beachy Tunic

  1. Oh! I do love this cover up!! I am pretty conservative if I have to be on the beach, I don’t like showing my stomach, so this would be soooo something I’d wear, however, I know I would roast in it too!

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