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Hiiiiiii frenzies. Welcome to my place for ramblings and photos.

FIRST POST WITH MY DARK HAIR BACK!!! While I enjoyed the lighter version of me, dark brunette feels most authentic!

I love weekends. Like a lot. I worked retail for 3 out of my 4 college years as well as my first post-grad job at Nordstrom. Let me fill you in: weekends DO NOT EXIST IN RETAIL. I struggled with loving clothes and styling and loathing working retail. It was a love/hate relationship to say the least. I definitely enjoyed working at Encore (the local Athens, GA boutique where I spent Tuesdays + Thursdays as well as some weekends) because of my fab coworkers and all of our super freaking cute product, but weekends, in my book, are for relaxing and exploring.

Working M-F and having weekends off is a dream. Really.
Making 100% of your income off of blogging (or “influencing” – LOL) takes 100% of your effort and a lot of freaking hard work. And when I get there, I will fill FaF with tips galore.

This weekend, I went to a cute boutique that was having a guest (Amanda Stanton from the Bachelor, no shame in my Bachelor love, y’all), so Caroline and I stopped by Stevie Sister and then went to the new Nobu that opened up a few weekends ago in Newport. I fell in LOVE with these tassel earrings. I have been looking for an awesome pair of statement earrings and these seemed like a great choice. I will link them below in the Outfit Roundup!

I have major issues with off the shoulder tops because of my boobs. BIG BOOBS ARE NOT THAT GREAT. I tried on probably 5+ off the shoulder tops this weekend and could buy none of them because my boobs just don’t work in strapless bras and even if I do wear one, they look like huge lumps in those kinds of tops. So, when I found this FP top (on sale!!!), that actually fit me and didn’t make me look TOO ginormous, I was thrilled! I think it is the combo of the less flowy material and the strategically placed pockets that camouflage my boob situation. Of course, as I search for this shirt, it is not on or the Rack, probably because it is in transition from being at Nordstrom to being at the Rack. I will link a similar top in the outfit roundup and when I find this exact top, I will update this post!!

As always, I put together a LILY and LAURA stack for my wrist and I threw on my favorite Levi’s cutoffs and my neutral Sam Edelman booties and called it a day. It was SO sunny and I left my sunglasses in the car so Caroline let me borrow her super cute Quay pair! I will link everything down in the Outfit Roundup.

Outfit Roundup
Top | Similar Chelsea28 from Nordstrom
Bottoms | Levi’s from Urban Outfitters
Shoes | Similar by Splendid
Earrings | Vanessa Mooney from Stevie Sister
Sunglasses | Caroline let me borrow her Quay round sunnies!
Bracelets | LILY and LAURA (Enjoy 20% off with “MadisonCrowleyL+L” !!!!!)

I want to start writing a little bit more… I love blogging and I don’t completely understand how you can just be an “influencer” without a blog or an outlet to build your brand. I’ve been brainstorming and reading some of my old writing tidbits and will probably share some on FaF soon. Writing is therapeutic and writing is FUN.

I have events + fun things coming up so, as always, follow along on social media (Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter: @MadisonCrowley) for daily happenings and more up-to-date info on what’s going on in my life!

ALSO DON’T FORGET TO BUY A PRINT FROM MY SHOP!!!! The welcome discount expires on the 30th!! 🙂

Thanks for reading and share awayyyyy!

‘Til next time,
Autumn in November

Photos by Caroline Basehart of Life With Lina.

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