My Go – To Winter Outfit

Welcome back babes!

I am SO pumped to be able to get back to doing what I love. Creating, writing, taking pictures, and wearing super cute outfits that I get to share with y’all.

Sweater dresses with OTK boots are my jam right now.

Moving back to Atlanta means figuring out cold weather ( again ) and adding to my closet with pieces that work for this weather. One thing I am really loving about this move back is that I am getting to combine my California style with my Atlanta style. It is unique and fun. In this specific post, this means wearing my new favorite hat from Brixton with one of my long time favorite styles of sweater. This hat is titled the fiddler Fishermans cap but I refer to it as my train conductor hat. Gotta add imagination where ya can, ya know?

I got this sweater dress to wear to Napa Valley last year ( you can read up on my trip to wine country with my bestie gal here ) because I wanted chic, comfy, and warm. This dress is all of those things and add some over-the-knee boots + your fave trendy hat and you’ve got a complete look! I was so happy this one came together the way that I saw it in my head. That sometimes is totally NOT the case.

Sweater dresses ( that have some sort of shape ) can be totally stylish AND comfy, which is the perfect mix. And when you add an OTK boot to any outfit, it makes it extra chic, in my personal opinion. I am dying for a pair in a camel / neutral-ish beige color because I have so many sweaters that are just asking to be worn with that color of OTK boots.

You can shop my look below along with some of my other sweater dress / OTK boot combinations:


Do you guys love OTK boots? What are your go-to winter outfits? I am dying to know!!

As always, follow along my daily happenings on social media – @MadisonCrowley. I would love to get to know you guys!

Now it’s back to the big-girl job and adult responsibilities such as laundry + grocery shopping. I am going to be putting together a list of my favorite Trader Joe’s items that I get allll of the time, so be on the lookout! And then tonight, my college roommate is in town and we are going to hop around ATL and explore. Exciting stuff!!

‘Til next time,
Autumn in November


Here is my bff Halleson who is also my photographer. She rocks. And she took my photos!
Halleson White Photography 

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