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Hiiiii everyone!

Ever have one of those weeks where it goes TOTALLY different than what you anticipate? Yea that was this week for me. This blog is going to have a little bit about sweaters and a little bit about life.

PSA: If you clicked on my blog post solely for sweater details, scroll down to the “Shop This Post” feed and view all of my sweater picks!!

So, Monday I was in the ER ( not a super fun place to add to your Monday to – do list just FYI ) and I had NO idea why until about 6 hours into the experience. Sunday night I had a sudden onset of immense pain that led to profuse sweating, vomiting, and not being able to walk. Bless Zach for being there with me, calming me down, and helping me get from A to B and then cleaning up a complete mess. It was a real bonding experience, y’all. If you find a guy like this, keep him around!!!

I waited the night to see if the pain would pass ( I’m a hypochondriac so I wanted to make sure this was the real deal ) and it did not, so I called up Halleson ( bestie & photog ) and she so graciously dropped everything to take me to the ER. Long story short, I had an ovarian cyst rupture. I didn’t know this was even possible before Monday, but let me tell you, it is PAINFUL. I mean I could not even walk. Adjusting myself in bed was hard enough. My work was extremely patient and wonderful with me this week as I took 3 full days of sick time because I truly could not even function. Pain meds may make the pain go away, but they made me feel super gross.

Ruptured cysts can pretty much happen to anyone and there is not a whole lot of indication as to whether it’s going to happen frequently, or very rarely. BUT the good news is is that with rest, pain medication, and a good support system, you’ll be good as new in about a week.

In other, less gross and more trend – focused news, I’ve styled some sweaters in these photos! One of my all time favorite sweaters from Free People I put with one of my fave leather jackets and called it a day. Leather jackets turn any outfit into a more complete look. I feel like I write a lot about staple pieces because as a fairly new blogger ( by blogger standards I’m still a baby blogger ), I don’t have loads of sponsorships coming in and so making investments in my outfits is key.

The other sweater in this post I chose because of the side detail and honestly, the fact that its not a turtleneck. I love a good turtleneck, but sometimes you just don’t want to feel extra frumpy in your sweater. I, of course, did not get an awesome front shot of this sweater because I was feeling super gross on the day of this shoot. I always try and be transparent and real and this day was just not my day in this sweater.

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So there ya have it, an unexpected week in my life with some fun sweaters. I am so excited to be back in California with my family for Christmas!! I’m sure there will be lots to see on all of my socials this upcoming week ( @MadisonCrowley ).

I feel like I have been kind of going back and forth from CA to GA or vice versa this whole year so being in one place after the new year will be refreshing. Literally didn’t fully unpack from Thanksgiving until today since I had to pack for Christmas. You do what you gotta do to visit your fam!

Not sure if I will get another post out before the new year so Happy Holidays from Forge A Frenzy <3 I hope this year has been everything that you wished for it to be and more. I will have a 2018 post up because New Years Eve IS in fact my favorite holiday of the year, so get ready for some thoughts and goals to lay your eyes on.

‘Til next time,Autumn in November

Photos by Halleson White Photography

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