With love, Vogue and a Latte.

Hi! Welcome to my new blog: Vogue and a Latte. So glad you stopped by to check it out.

I have been contemplating a blog change for a while now. Forge A Frenzy just didn’t seem to describe me any more.

FaF was a brand new venture for me when I first started. It was stepping out of my comfort zone and trying to be bold in an area that I knew basically nothing about. I was trying to take my love for fashion and my eye for photos and put them all in one place. I didn’t really know how I would fall in love with blogging and how challenged I would be with this new passion. Blogging is not easy folks. Coming up with content, along with living your busy life, is something that takes time and perseverance. For me, that looked like taking my life and molding it into one that I could easily create content from. Combining what I already did/do daily and turning that into what my blog and brand is about.

I am extremely thankful for Forge A Frenzy. And I am extremely thankful that I no longer have to say my blog name and then respond to blank stares by quickly describing how and why I chose my blog name and what it means to me.

V&L is going to have a lot of the same content as Forge A Frenzy, and a lot of new content as well. New topics, new research; posts based on things I want to share and topics you all want to hear about. As per usual, if you clicked through for outfit details, scroll through to “SHOP THE POST” and click on an item that grabs your eye.

If you head over to my new about page, here, there is a small summary on what Vogue and a Latte stands for. To go into a little more detail, I wanted a blog name that described what you would find on my blog, without needing a paragraph description to get the gist. I wanted Life & Style to be two things that were just understood about what I was writing about. Now, life and style are super broad and contain TONS of topics that have depth and meaning to me. But I wanted the essence of my blog to be simple & sophisticated, timeless & chic, yet real & riveting. Vogue magazine is all of those things. You can turn the pages for beauty & fashion but also empowerment & opinions. I want to be strong, determined, and passionate, and I want to inspire others to feel the same.

I also really want my brand to stand for community and discussion. What are hot topics right now? What is your opinion on this random article? What is your favorite skin care product? Who are your top finalists for this season of the Bachelor?
And when I pinpointed this fact about the direction of my blog, I thought to myself, where do I chat with my girlfriends about all of this stuff? Coffee shops! What do I love ( a little too much ) ? Lattes!

And so Vogue and a Latte it was.



I hope that when you come to V&L, you find inspiration and the determination to go out and do whatever it is that you have been thinking of doing but haven’t had the courage to step out and take part in. That sounds super freaking cheesy but hey, I was cheesy on Forge A Frenzy and nothing about that is going to change.

I am so grateful for everyone who has encourage me in this rebrand and everyone who sends me DM’s and emails with so much love and positivity. If I have even impacted ONE persons life while doing what I love, then I would say I have done something right.

Be on the lookout for new collabs, new events, maybe even some merch!!!!
2018 has endless possibilities and I tend to reach for the stars.


Well y’all, it’s been real. I am excited to dive head first into everything that Vogue and a Latte has in store and I hope you guys will be along for the ride!

‘Til next time,Autumn in November

Photos by Halleson White Photography.

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