How To Eat Your Way Through Athens, GA + More

Welcome back frenzies <3

Most people would never, ever want to escape Southern California. I am one of those people. But, when you move from your childhood home to a new place, no matter how incredible it is, your heart still longs for familiarity and comfort. I was able to fly back to Georgia for a week for my boyfriend’s graduation where I also got to see some of my very best friends. When I first arrived, one of my bffs from college (weird saying from college because it feels like I was just in college yesterday) picked me up from the airport. We got Starbucks (I have a problem, I’ll admit) (My favorite order right now is The Holiday Spice Flat White, thanks Kels) and headed to the Classic City. We arrived and ate lunch at The Place, which has super yummy southern comfort food. I was feeling gross from traveling overnight so I got a BLT on multigrain bread with a side of fruit but threw in a mimosa because hey, you only live once. Kelsie got their special of the day which was BBQ and even though I don’t like BBQ (I know, it’s a crime), her food still looked delicious.

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Striped Sweaters + Abandoned Prisons




Happy Tuesday, beauties!

Nostalgia for Atlanta and the majority of my heart that is still there is hitting me in full force.

The weekend before I left, some friends and I visited a super cool place called the Atlanta Prison Farm and it was an adventure for sure. The prison was previously fully functioning during the early 1900’s and has since then been sitting in Atlanta gathering graffiti and urban visitors. In October 2009 the roof caught on fire and left a good portion of the decaying building burnt crisp.

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California Dreaming


Hello from California, frenzies!

I am so excited to be able to get back into my blogging routine and return to some semblance of normalcy in my daily life. Moving takes a lot out of ya. While I am compiling my post recapping and outlining my journey across the USA, I thought I would share a few fun photos from my time here so far. We currently live in Newport Beach, which is southwest-ish of LA for those of you who aren’t familiar with Southern California. It’s beautiful and welcoming and dreamy.


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